Congratulations to the winners of the Best Poster Awards and the IChemE Young Researcher Awards!


IChemE Young Researcher Awards:

The first award went to Fatemeh Alemi (Imperial College London) for a paper entitled 'Biocidal performance of a metal oxide particle coating on polyethylene'. The second award went to Kaiqiao Wu (University College London) for a paper entitled 'Bubble self-organisation in annular gas-solid fluidised beds: Transition from 2D to 3D structures'. The third award went to Xiaoyu Zhu (Southeast University, China) for a paper entitled 'Reconstruction of tracer particle distribution in light field PIV using simultaneous algebraic reconstruction technology' and Wei Pin Goh (University of Leeds) for a paper entitled 'Breakage of acicular crystals due to impact'.


Best Poster Awards:

The poster award went to Yuki Mori (the University of Tokyo) for a poster entitled 'Validation study on a coarse grain model in large-scale DEM-CFD simulation'. The runners-up were Marvellous Khala (University of Surrey) for a poster entitled 'Effects of inter-particle friction coefficient on dynamic shear flow behaviour in the FT4 Powder Rheometer', and Xiuying Yao (China University of Petroleum) for a poster entitled 'Advance of heat transfer intensified method for regenerated catalyst cooler of fluid catalytic cracking'