Invited Keynote and Plenary Speakers

We are pleased to announce the list of invited plenary and keynote speakers for the conference. Further details on the speakers, their presentations and scheduling will appear at a later date.

                                                                                                            Plenary Speakers




Prof. Jennifer Curtis
University of California Davis, USA

"Using DEM to develop constitutive models for CFD simulations of aspherical particulate flow mixtures"


Prof. L.-S. Fan
Ohio State University, USA

"Chemical looping gasification, reforming and chemical syntheses: Particle technology perspectives"


Prof. Hans Kuipers
Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

"Dense gas-particle flows with wet particle-partcle interaction: A multi-scale approach"





Prof. James Litster
University of Sheffield, UK

"Model driven design of particulate products and processes" 


Prof. Jieshan Qiu
Dalian University of Technology, China

"Design and production of functional carbon materials for energy storage"





                                                                                                            Keynote Speakers





Prof. Stefan Heinrich

Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

"Particle design by optimised operation of the fluidized bed spray granulation process"


Dr Jerry Heng

Imperial College London, UK                                        

"Nanoparticles for the control of nucleation and crystallisation"                      


Prof. Mengxi Liu          

China University of Petroleum, China

"Fundamental study and commercialisation of a gas-solid air loop fluidized bed"


Prof. Stefan Luding




Prof. Christoph Müller
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

"Granular systems: Magnetic resonance and optical imaging"                                                  


Dr Marco Ramaioli
INRA, France & University of Surrey, UK

"Pouring a powder onto a liquid interface: dispersion, islands, "lumps" and granular jets"


Prof. Mikio Sakai
University of Tokyo, Japan

"Development and application of innovative discrete element modelling for industrial systems"






Dr. Jin Sun
University of Edinburgh, UK                                        

"From dry quicksand to unsinkable uspensions: Exploring the underlying links between dry granular flow and wet suspensions"


Prof. Luis Marcelo Tavares
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"A detailed breakage model implemented in commercial DEM platforms​"                                                                                                                                


Prof. Chi-Hwa Wang
National University of Singapore, Singapore

"Multi-scale modelling of biomass gasification: The effects of particle transfer and particle fragmentation on gasification performance"


Prof. Fei Wei
Tsinghua University, China

"Silicon carbide as a protective layer to inhibit the chemical formation reaction of Li2SiF6 for stable Si-based anode"                                                       







Prof. Shoufeng Yang
KU Leuven, Belgium                                                  

"Powder technology: why it is very important for additive manufacturing/3D printing?"